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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
58143 TC DirectmailFeatureNewMust havereplace own sendmail stuff with typo3 swiftmailer api
58142 CoreBugAcceptedShould haveBackend layout, empty colpos breaks JSBackend APInext-patchlevel
58141 news extensionSuggestionNewShould havePreviewNo
58140 WEC MapFeatureNeeds FeedbackShould haveDifferent Icons for map pointersNo
58139 WEC MapMajor FeatureNewMust haveCompatibility with Typo3 6.2No
58138 CoreBugNewMust haveCSRF with registerModule and navFrameScriptHelmut Hummel
58137 Media ManagementBugNewShould haveFe Groups and Visible Flags are not respected in Query API
58136 CaretakerBugNewMust haveBackend User Blacklist on TYPO3 6.2 Client failsTests/Operations
58135 news extensionSupportNewShould haveTYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS - CompatibleNo
58134 CoreBugNewMust haveNone of order is kept in indexed_search when using mysql hook
58133 Media ManagementBugNewShould haveCannot add variant to asset
58132 news extensionBugNewShould haveWrong MM bidirectional TCA configurationNo
58131 CoreBugNewMust haveWorkspaces notification email doesn't workWorkspacesnext-patchlevel
58130 Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMSBugUnder ReviewShould havePHP Warning in StatisticsWriter LoggingNo
58129 news extensionBugNewMust have  entity breaks atom feedNo
58128 news extensionBugNewMust haveArchive date menu broken in 6.2Georg RingerNo
58126 Grid ElementsBugOn HoldWon't have this timeLogout from BackendNo
58125 powermailFeatureNewShould haveJavascript code not compatible with jQuery 2Alex KellnerNo
58124 YAG - Yet Another GalleryBugNewShould have#1300205628: No result image was created. YAG 3.2.1
58123 scriptmergerFeatureAcceptedShould haveCompatibility for 6.2
58122 CoreFeatureNewMust haveRTE: Mark CSS class as not selectablertehtmlarea6.3
58121 CoreFeatureNewShould haveExtension Manager: Download EXT via cliExtension Manager
58120 CoreBugNewShould haveExtension Manager: cli install failsExtension Manager
58119 Extbase MVC FrameworkBugNewMust haveUsing $query->statement causes exceptionExtbase: Generic PersistenceNo
58118 Education CommitteeTaskAcceptedShould haveCoordinate the Communication for the Cert Prep Workshop @ T3DDPeter Proell

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