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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
30473 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressFeatureNewShould havesuggestions
30472 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressFeatureNewShould haveHints
30471 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressBugNewShould haveWhitespaces
4439 Frontend news submitterBugNewCould haveMake DB-link between fe_user and "author"Toni MilovanDatabase
4438 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: set required fieldsToni MilovanFE Fields
4437 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveDesign: change category selectionToni MilovanCategory selection
4435 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "file upload"Toni MilovanFE Fields
4434 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "keywords" fieldToni MilovanFE Fields
43093 1-Click-LoginBugNewShould haveoneclicklogin 0.4.0 doesn't work in TYPO 4.5.x
27122 360 degrees shotsFeatureAcceptedShould haveAdd tt_product supportJuergen Furrer
27121 360 degrees shotsFeatureAcceptedShould haveAdd tt_news supportJuergen Furrer
3008 4-3-feature-exampleTaskNewShould haveIs it ok to integrate 'old' existing features like the usage of devLog?
3007 4-3-feature-exampleMajor FeatureNewShould haveWill we also integrate the new MVC framework?
44414 404 HandlerSupportNewShould haveLogging 404 Errors
57719 404 Page not found handlingFeatureAcceptedShould haveAllow sending additional HTTP headersChristian Futterlieb
11064 404 Page not found handlingFeatureAcceptedShould haveAdd a page selector wizard to 'default404Page' in extension managerChristian Futterlieb0.3.0
11063 404 Page not found handlingFeatureNewCould haveLocalize error messages
10198 4eyes - Person databaseFeatureAcceptedShould havemaking LOCAL_LANG Labels available in singleView
10193 4eyes - Person databaseFeatureNeeds FeedbackShould haveTyposcript / Flexform option for disabling the abc navigationDimitri Koenig
10156 4eyes - Person databaseFeatureAcceptedShould havenew TS Option: overrideSearchFieldList
10090 4eyes - Person databaseSuggestionNewShould havefunction Field should be solved via MM table and not a comma separated list
10088 4eyes - Person databaseBugAcceptedMust haveupdatePersonalFolder shouldn't be called if 'enableCreatePages' is 0
9469 4eyes - Person databaseSuggestionAcceptedCould haveMenu creation using hooks
9468 4eyes - Person databaseSuggestionAcceptedWon't have this timeLocallang's as xml
13589 4eyes - Publication databaseBugAcceptedMust haveMissing indexes in sql tables (dramatic performance improvement)

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