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integrates Magento in TYPO3
  • Backend of Magento in BE
  • FE-Plugin for render Products
  • API for Magento calls

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Georg Ringer (just2b)
Steffen Kamper (steffenk)


Michiel Roos (tuurlijk)
Murat Gercekcioglu (marcholan)


Daniel Doesburg (ddoesburg)
Dmitry Dulepov (dmitry)
Joost van Berckel (jvanberckel)
Ralf Hettinger (ralfhe)
Rolf Bachmann (hitechrolf)

Inactive Member

Nick Weisser (openstream)

Latest news

Progress report (1 comment)
This is the 2nd progress report from 1.8.2008
Added by Georg Ringer over 5 years ago

Steffen is helping too
Another great developer is helping!
Added by Georg Ringer over 5 years ago

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