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Uses EXT:piwik to inserts Data in the HTML header and gives BE-Users the right to see the data for their sites. Autoupdate of Piwik will work as TYPO3-Admin!
Future releases will depend on the extension piwik, that makes it possible to include piwik as external app.

Information about piwik can be found at


  • The extensions is a "derived work" of the TYPO3 core. Knowing that you agree, that all contributions are licensed under the GPLv2 or later.
    If you want, you may also sign the cla.

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Kay Strobach (kaystrobach)

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Dimitri Koenig (dk-at-cabag)
Jonas Felix (kuckuck)
Tizian Schmidlin (

Latest news

Working on Different Database Support (2 comments)
Added by Kay Strobach over 3 years ago

EXT:piwikintegration, EXT:piwik newsgroup
Added by Kay Strobach about 4 years ago

EXT:piwikintegration released in TER 2.2.0 released in TER
Added by Kay Strobach over 4 years ago

EXT:piwikintegration released in TER
A lot of work has been done to integrate piwik seemless into TYPO3. Now i made a big step forward and so there is a new BETA of EXT:piwikintegration in the TER.
Added by Kay Strobach over 4 years ago

First versions are pulished in TER (1 comment)
Added by Kay Strobach almost 5 years ago

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