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Extension 'toctoc_comments' is for commenting, rating and options sharing content on social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc.

It may be used multiple times on a page - once per content element, or per record (news, products and more).
The extension is implemented using AJAX technology, using jQuery.
An update from extension 'comments', is possible without losing existing data. The extension is highly interoperable with other extensions related to 'comments'.

Compatible extensions are tt_news (DETAILS and LIST-view), tt_products and any other extension where comments could be attached to records.

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Gisèle Wendl (giselew)


Thomas Loeffler (tomalo.stuttgart)

Friendly Ghost of the Week

Gisèle Wendl (giselew)

Product Owner

Gisèle Wendl (giselew)

Release Packager

Gisèle Wendl (giselew)

Latest news

toctoc_comments version 4.1 released (1 comment)
toctoc_comments version 4.1 has two new charts, showing most viewed and most active comments. On our website you find a large presentation of this big extension.
Added by Gisèle Wendl 7 months ago

Version 4 news (48 comments)
2 weeks ago the new version of the extension was released on TER. High-Lights are the rating categories and the charts on ratings made on the website, both highly configurable. Emojis are available for commenting with a selection panel.
Added by Gisèle Wendl 8 months ago

AJAX Social Network Components 3.6.0 released
New version 3.6.0. of the commenting and rating system has better support for caching by TYPO3 and uses an additional internal application cache. It is available in TER since 5/5/2013.
Added by Gisèle Wendl 11 months ago

AJAX Social Network Components 3.3.0 (4 comments)
With new version 3.3 of AJAX Social Network Components the path to become a feature complete extension for commenting, rating, sharing has been continued, we’re a step further again.
Added by Gisèle Wendl about 1 year ago

Ready for TYPO3 6.0 (77 comments)
toctoc_comments 3.0.6 is ready for TYPO3 6.0
Added by Gisèle Wendl over 1 year ago

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