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57998 FeatureNewShould support to sort by property
57992 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMake package HHVM compatible - failing getPackageReturnsTheSpecifiedPackage test
57972 BugNewShould haveMissing @ManyToOne in example for resource- Documentation -
57885 BugNewMust haveInputs are cleared from a second form if the first form produced a vallidation error
57815 BugNewShould haveInvalid resources are saved in the persistent resources folderResource
57796 BugNewShould haveXLIFF Fails if id === nodedata
57763 FeatureNewShould haveAllow controller / package / action as params in \TYPO3\Fluid\ViewHelpers\Form\ButtonViewHelper
57683 TaskUnder ReviewMust haveConstants are not Doc commented Robert Lemke- Documentation -
57583 TaskUnder ReviewMust haveNo schema for cacheAllQueryResults in TYPO3.Flow.persistence.schema.yamlConfiguration2.x
57541 BugUnder ReviewMust haveContent Security: operands work intrinsically differently in Rewrite and Manual checkSecurity
57450 BugNewShould haveInternational E-Mail addresses (umlauts, etc.) are not validated correctlyValidation
57437 BugNewShould haveComposer package replacement is not supportedPackage
57374 BugNewShould havePersisted entities saved in session are not resolvedSession2.x
56916 FeatureNewShould haveSupport PATCH request method as of RFC5789Http
56859 BugNewShould havePHP Warning: TYPO3_Flow_Error_Exception.php not present in Data/Temporary
56856 BugUnder ReviewMust haveFix StandardView Template
56744 FeatureNewMust havestay logged in
56639 FeatureNewMust haveImplement "getPrivateStorageUriByResource()" for recieving (image-) file URIsRobert Lemke2.x
56607 BugAcceptedShould haveDon't use object path mapping for object routes without custom uriPatternBastian WaidelichMVC - Routing
56602 Major FeatureNewShould haveHandling Of Multi Identity EntitiesPersistence
56601 BugUnder ReviewMust havePersistenceManager wrong handling of ORM\Id
56598 BugAcceptedShould haveAbsolute URI for WebEntryBastian WaidelichSecurity
56573 BugNewShould haveConverting by Flow\IdentityPersistence
56556 FeatureNewShould havesupport hasProperty and isProperty
56555 BugNewShould haveKickstart creates wrong labels in New.html

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