Every big project has his own standards for coding syntax / formatting (Coding Guidelines / CGL). For example Zend Framework, PEAR, Drupal, Symfony2 and so on. TYPO3v4 and FLOW3 / TYPO3 Phoenix as well.

With the PEAR Package PHP_CodeSniffer it is possible to detect violations from a defined set of rules for PHP, JavaScript and CSS files.


This project aims to build rules for PHP_CodeSniffer and create usable standards for TYPO3v4 and FLOW3 / TYPO3 Phoenix to detect violations automatically. This is the base to raise the source code quality of TYPO3 / TYPO3 Phoenix, Extensions / Packages and related code.

How to use it / Get the source

To use this coding standards in your continuous integration environment (Jenkins, PHPUnderControl, ...), as commit hooks of your version control system, in your IDE (PHPStorm, Eclipse, Netbeans, ...) or wherever else you will find installation and usage information at our Wiki.
Further more there you will find information about install steps, support or contribute to this project, too.

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