As FAL has been integrated into the Core, please use the Core issue tracker with Category "FIle Abstraction Layer" from now on.

Also, see the official documentation on http://docs.typo3.org/ the wiki here or http://wiki.typo3.org/File_Abstraction_Layer about information of the file abstraction layer.

Contact Andreas Wolf about the general architecture, or Benjamin Mack for topics about the integration in the core.

Please don't use this project for new issues etc anymore.

This project is about creating a basic file abstraction layer into the TYPO3 core. Current and future projects like DAM, a cloud service like Dropbox or Ubuntuone can be build on this basic feature set of handling files.

The basic idea is to have a DB driven layer between TYPO3 and your assets. Utilizing this will open up completely new possibilities like displaying usage information on a file or to deny users to delete a file which is used somewhere on the website.

Also, FAL will lower the amount of website traffic because duplicate images are avoided within the website. There is only one single reference to the file. No duplicates any more in your uploads folder.

Finally FAL will be able to execute maintenance jobs to keep your TYPO3 installation clean without having to worry about filling up multiple folders with files you don't need.

GIT Repository

This project uses the GIT repository of the Incubator project and has its own branch "project-fileabstraction" in there.

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Benjamin Mack (benni)


Andreas Wolf (andreaswolf)
Ingmar Schlecht (ingmars)
Oliver Hader (ohader)
Steffen Ritter (nxpthx)


Alexander Opitz (opi99)
Georg Ringer (just2b)
Susanne Moog (psychomieze)
Tolleiv Nietsch (tolleiv)