This Is Your Platform

Are you a developer and want to help? If so, that's great news - we've been waiting just for you. There are a lot of open tasks and challenges you can solve.
This website is a place where you can connect with our developer community. Just browse around and find some projects which interest you, and then feel free to pitch in.
We're working hard to make the experience here as nice as possible, so if you have any suggestions, just let us know and we will take care of it.

How Can I Help?

  • Submit Bugs. We need you to find all of them!
  • Write Patches. Pitch in improvements of extensions!
  • Join Projects. Make TYPO3 even better by dedicating your work!
  • Publish Extensions. Open up your ideas to let others contribute!

Why Should I Publish My Extension Here?

We offer you a platform including:
  • Instant Subversion Access. After you finished registering your project, you can use Subversion right away to put your developed source code under version control. (Hint: Subversion works with the password, too!)
  • Invitations. Adding members to your project is done in simple three clicks.
  • Issue Tracker. Effectively keep track of open bugs and most wanted feature requests.
  • Wiki. Kept seperate for each project, you can collaboratively work on documents and share information.
  • News Publishing. Let people know what is going on with your extension - shown directly on the forge frontpage.

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