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20:54 Grid Elements Bug #58126 (On Hold): Logout from Backend
Gridelements does not even set any additional cookies, so I don't think this bug is caused by gridelements at all. I ...
19:13 Grid Elements Bug #58050: Using gridelements without EXT:workspaces gives SQL-warnings
Actually there are no pending changes, but we have to make a DIFF between the list module in 6.0 and 6.2 and then mer...
17:54 Grid Elements Bug #58126: Logout from Backend
AFAIK the page module does not render the frontend at all, since it is a backend module, so could you please specify,...
14:23 Grid Elements Bug #58127 (Closed): "enable nesting" breaks "set fields" functionality
Duplicate of #57638
14:11 Grid Elements Bug #58126 (Needs Feedback): Logout from Backend
I guess this is a kind of duplicate of #57919 which has been caused by a core bug introduced with 6.2.1
Can you plea...


19:23 Grid Elements Bug #57988: Support "includeRecordsWithoutDefaultTranslation" => behavior of translation of conta...
I will just pick up this one line:...
19:16 Grid Elements Bug #58050 (Needs Feedback): Using gridelements without EXT:workspaces gives SQL-warnings
Since the XCLASS is still based on TYPO3 6.0.x code, I guess this will be fixed after applying the changes between 6....
19:11 Grid Elements Bug #57919 (Closed): Gridelements throws warnings in BE on current core master
Done - Thx for taking care.


18:36 Grid Elements Bug #57940 (Closed): Copy/Paste content element, paste copy at this place, inserts on top
We are currently working on it, but the multi language behaviour and the manual still need some love.
18:32 Grid Elements Bug #57988 (Accepted): Support "includeRecordsWithoutDefaultTranslation" => behavior of translati...
First of all: Thank you for this very detailed explanation. Did not sound offending at all. :-)
We will have to ch...

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