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20:14 TSconfig Feature #57667: Conditions: Add information about features of available conditions
Yes, but as I found out, this works only in backend layouts, because the conditions kick in after the page properties...


23:07 Core Bug #58142 (Accepted): Backend layout, empty colpos breaks JS
23:07 Core Bug #58142 (Accepted): Backend layout, empty colpos breaks JS
Consider the following TS:...
22:40 TSconfig Feature #58104: Hide cols in BE-Layouts
You need to differentiate @TCEFORM.tt_content.colPos.removeItems = 1,2,-2@ which removes certain columns for a usergr...


13:52 Core Bug #58009 (Accepted): Update of multiple installations using same core fails
I guess this is doable.
13:43 Core Bug #57979 (Accepted): Wrong icon for filemount
I put it into the FAL category as the people watching there properly know more about the involved code.
13:25 Core Bug #58032 (Needs Feedback): 6.2.2 IntroPackage depends on realurl and htaccess: Unusable
What is your real problem?
1. It is not possible to remove realurl? This is because the introduction package requires...
13:09 Core Task #58040: Provide command line script to install TYPO3 CMS
Well does it need more than a special shell controller? As long as we find a way to override the view, we could even ...


12:14 Core Bug #58004: Categories not visible
> Ok, thought about this again. The scope of something like ExtensionManagementUtility::getCategoryFieldTCAConfig and...


15:44 Core Bug #58019 (Accepted): Column 'width' cannot be null
The FAL indexer fails to properly handle broken files.
To reproduce:
Create a text file with any content and name...

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