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12:50 TYPO3.Setup Revision 890987ae: [BUGFIX] Skip CSRF protection for authenticate action
CSRF tokens cannot and need not be checked for the
authenticate action. As the authentication request is
a POST reque...


10:30 TYPO3.Flow Revision 5438318b: [BUGFIX] Don't catch security exceptions during property mapping
As security exceptions will be handled by the security
framework, we have to let them bubble up instead of


12:06 TYPO3.Neos Revision d8039e00: [FEATURE] Add possibility to change roles for users
Change-Id: I9e96825359ddcad26a9d6626714470956d9ceb06
Tested-by: Mr. Hudso...
12:06 TYPO3.Flow Revision 5f1caa75: Merge "[BUGFIX] Roles are not always correctly initialized"
11:24 TYPO3.Flow Revision e566a56d: [BUGFIX] Roles are not always correctly initialized
Due to #47975 it happens, that packageKey
and name are not correctly set in role objects. This
change is a quick work...
11:03 TYPO3.Flow Bug #47975 (New): initializeObject in a Entity is called at a time where no properties are loaded
The problem still exists, opening the issue again...
10:36 Base Distribution Task #52504 (Resolved): WorkspaceController: Only publish your own workspace
Applied in changeset commit:9321a008fc82e77c3da70d360067be337e9b726c.
10:36 Base Distribution Task #52505 (Resolved): UserSettingsController: check parameters of updateAction
Applied in changeset commit:9161050fbaaafb0ff6849a99e1476f6a463f39ec.
10:36 Base Distribution Task #52506 (Resolved): WorkspacesController: Remove workspace selection feature
Applied in changeset commit:9321a008fc82e77c3da70d360067be337e9b726c.
10:36 Base Distribution Task #52500 (Resolved): Editors must only be able to access their own workspaces
Applied in changeset commit:2d82fbdd82ebacdde81d81fe5ad4df54fa11c151.

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