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14:48 Newsletter Subscription Wiki edit: Manual (#17)
14:45 Newsletter Subscription Bug #53184: confirmAction: Bugfix for TYPO3 CMS Version 6.1.5
I will check for compatibility after 6.2 LTS is out, in the meantime thanks for this hint!
14:40 Newsletter Subscription Bug #53294 (Accepted): form.errors viewhelper
Thank you for your investigations, i will adapt this after 6.2 LTS is out.


19:18 commerce Bug #48969 (Resolved): order csv export
19:18 commerce Bug #48969 (Closed): order csv export
19:15 Community Extensions Revision 76873: Fixed issue #48969
19:15 commerce Revision 76873: Fixed issue #48969


12:30 commerce Bug #48969 (Resolved): order csv export
csv export of orders does not work correctly, label of fields and actual fields do not match.
Furthermore this patch...


19:05 Piwikintegration in TYPO3 Bug #48842 (New): no tracking code if be-user generates cached pages
Following scenario;
- clear all Caches in BE
- hit a page as logged in BE-User which get's then cached
- th...


18:59 Community Extensions Revision 75324: Add direct_mail dependency

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