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18:02 Documentation Rendering Bug #56545 (Accepted): not accessible
Trying to access gives a 403 error:
> Forbidden
> You don't have p...


23:15 news extension Bug #56252 (Closed): Wrong utf-8 conversion/display on translated more-link
Foreign utf-8 characters used in are not displayed correctly.
For example:...


18:15 Core Bug #53998: Upload does not complete
Yes I can confirm that turning off eaccelerator for TYPO3 6.1.x solves this.


12:34 Core Bug #53998: Upload does not complete
File uploads work in the extension manager, so the problem is only with the Filelist module.
The records in the sy...


03:55 Core Bug #53998: Upload does not complete
Database Analyser reports: Table and field definitions are OK.
Web server writeable for:


14:34 Core Bug #53998: Upload does not complete
This is still a problem in TYPO3 6.1.7 (new installation on the same server).
What steps should I take to debug th...


21:07 Bug #53726: Spam Protection
Spam protection/deletion is also required for the Wikis on
For example,
17:43 Core Bug #54292 (Needs Feedback): Language module gives uncaught TYPO3 Exception #1329821485
clicking on the Language module in TYPO3 6.1.5 and 6.1.6 gives an uncaught TYPO3 Exception #1329821485.
Bug trace:...


14:41 Core Bug #53998: Upload does not complete
To reproduce this:
In new TYPO3 6.1.6 (or 6.1.5) installation.
In Filelist module, create a folder.
In Filelis...
11:00 Core Bug #53998 (Rejected): Upload does not complete
Files upload but are stored with a temporary filename in the fileadmin/user_upload folder (starting with php...).

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