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09:18 Core Feature #14669: set Fields required
I found out it can be done using the hook $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS']['t3lib/class.t3lib_tceforms.php']['getSingle...


16:11 Core Feature #14669: set Fields required
Agree with Philipp.
This can be very convenient, f.i. for content elements.
For one CType you can make a certai...


14:46 pbsurveyexport Bug #55049 (Closed): Error no results but there are results


00:30 Core Bug #56767 (Resolved): Web > Info > Localization overview language labels missing
Applied in changeset commit:ddfa1866f574a948509db9383807a063a4cf8534.
00:01 Core Revision ddfa1866: [BUGFIX] Language labels missing in Localization Overview
The submodule "Localization Overview" of Web > Info is missing
language labels. These labels are requested from the w...


21:24 Core Revision 2ee35092: [BUGFIX] Alignment of button "add a new element at this place"
In the page module using the "Languages" view, the buttons "add a new
element at this place" are wrongly aligned.


10:30 Core Bug #56722 (Resolved): Different button behaviour page module "columns" and "languages" view
Applied in changeset commit:ade237ee9e157c7388bc15e96227582d7c7c5e4e.
10:30 Core Bug #56762 (Resolved): Web > Info > Pagetree overview language labels missing
Applied in changeset commit:b02956eec1864e2527e9aa75c4eec1ef9158fd2b.
10:21 Core Revision b02956ee: [BUGFIX] Language labels taken from wrong language file
The module "Pagetree overview" in Web > Info is showing an empty
selectbox because the language labels for this dropd...
09:54 Core Revision ade237ee: [BUGFIX] Different button behaviour Page module views
In the Page module the button behaviour for adding new content elements
"Add a new record at this place" is different...

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