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08:29 Community Extensions Revision 84733: Feature Custom filters
08:29 DAM Frontend Revision 84733: Feature Custom filters


17:14 Board (public) Task #48770:
Hi Frederic,
is the domain transferred? It seems that the domain points to an empty directly. Who can implement t...
11:28 Board (public) Task #40341: Update Content on
This is resolved: ...


11:47 Board (public) Task #53847: Information about registration fee missing
As the website (shop) will stay longer, we have to add the requested information. Question is, who can do this.
11:40 Board (public) Support #56398 (Accepted): Communication improovements
11:39 Board (public) Support #45161: Status of the members in the database
Check results at the next meeting
11:37 Board (public) Support #56702 (Resolved): Membership in other Associations
The membership in OASIS and CMS Garden clarified. The T3A is official member
11:33 Board (public) Task #57376 (Accepted): Standart Template - Presentation about T3A
11:31 Board (public) Task #56807: Evaluation of alternatives
In our internal organisation we have some issues: Calendering & filestorage. We need a common filestorage and we need...

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