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23:02 TYPO3.Neos Feature #58073 (New): TYPO3.Neos:Content NodeType as Reference in Inspector
The Inspector of Neos doest not suggest nodes of super type TYPO3.Neos:Content. This should work like with TYPO3.Neos...


09:23 Core Feature #57632 (Under Review): Configure PageRenderer->inlineLanguageLabelFile with TypoScript
TYPO3\CMS\Core\Page\PageRenderer offers with the function addInlineLanguageLabelFile the possibility to add XML/XLF l...


10:52 Composer Team Bug #55917: Define the Composer global vision
sorry, just an idea: what about "typo3-cms-package" instead of extension?
10:51 Composer Team Bug #55917: Define the Composer global vision
+1 for "typo3-cms-extension"
10:50 Composer Team Task #55916: CMS Installer for TYPO3 CMS
what are the advantages of the Netresearch TYPO3 CMS Installer?
In the code of the installer I can see, that it cr...
10:31 Composer Team Task #55915: Synchronize CMS on Packasgist
Advantages of
* We dont need a own script to generate the packages.json
* Official repository - no c...
10:17 Composer Team Task #55913: Community vendor name for Composer
my proposal:...
10:05 Composer Team Task #55911: Contact Flow / Neos Team to see their need
I would love to use just one custom Repository ( for both (CMS & FLOW)..
10:01 Composer Team Task #55910: Discuss and improve Home page content
In my opinion we should create a TYPO3 Page on / or a docu Page on - and composer.lightwerk....


15:31 MW Imagemap Bug #54710: Map list in Backend has no maps to select for none admins
Tested with TYPO3 6.1.7

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