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16:44 Direct Mail Task #58160 (New): Remove SMTP configuration section from manual
There is a lot of confusion around the web because people do not know where to configure SMTP:
Please remove sectio...


16:51 Extbase MVC Framework Feature #48042: Convert Object to Array
I have the same issue in TYPO3 & Extbase 6.1.
A "The connection was reset" message appears after a few seconds when...


18:17 Bug #43030: Remove long quotes
I'm afraid I haven't been able to develop a solution yet. I haven't found out how to parse the message storage text (...


12:33 Core Bug #18761: "ADMCMD command could not be executed!" after preview link expired
Got that error in 4.5.29, Chrome 19, but not n Firefox. Same symptoms as above. Removing cookies solved the problem.


13:54 Server Team Bug #50153 (Closed): : Unknown user
Sending a Mail to leads to a bounce mail:
I am deeply sorry,
but I was not able to deliver your ...


17:36 TYPO3.Fluid Task #11636: Form viewhelper not functional with method GET
Bug is still present in fluid 'version' => '6.1.0'


13:46 Fluid Feature #26595: Suggested addition to SelectViewHelper - allowing prepend/append of child content...
Noob question: What does "Applied in changeset 1a61ce...." mean exactly? That this is implemented in the target versi...


11:09 Bug #43030: Remove long quotes
I looked into the code yesterday and decided that both updating the message files or the entries in the database is t...


06:52 Bug #43030: Remove long quotes
I have not been able to come up with an easy solution yet. I will have to dig through the code in class fud_nntp to g...


13:59 Bug #43030: Remove long quotes
First problem: When I modify the text of a message file, e.g. @messages/msg_10000@, the text offsets in the table @fu...

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