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16:33 Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS Bug #52577: PHP 5.2. Support in EXT:solr v2.8.3
Hi Ingo,
that was a misunderstanding.
I dont want php.5.2 support.
I just ask to change the line in em_conf....


12:02 wt_twitter Revision eace42d5: [WIP]
Change-Id: Ia0bee7d1ea0c671020ac3db93445a3d355b70b86


23:20 Tip-A-Friend Plus Revision 39841b4c: [RELEASE] Release of tipafriend_plus 0.3.0
Change-Id: Idecf308a64d41effe14e36fc182bd228098bc94e
23:12 Tip-A-Friend Plus Revision 6f9d4964: [BUGFIX] Allow different hosts as long as they are defined in BE
This is important as some installations may use SSL for the form.
Change-Id: Ie8216b17293d41fddb25f35cecbcf5f77d6f4302


14:33 wt_twitter Revision 6c176e91: [FEATURE] Improve the integration of links
Add option to choose how links are displayed in tweet. You can choose
between a short form or the whole link. Additio...
11:43 wt_twitter Revision 31b9a64d: [FEATURE] Use internal link generation for usernames
The Twitter api provides information according to mentioned users in a
tweet. Those usernames are wrapped with a link...
10:02 wt_twitter Revision 75e1461f: [BUGFIX] Use hashtags provided by Twitter api
Move the hashtag link generation to internal handling as Twitter api
provides all needed information.
Resolves: #538...
09:29 wt_twitter Revision ed4a6a8a: [BUGFIX] Improve "Sign in with Twitter" process
The patch adds support for TYPO3 installations in subfolders and
corrects the submitted return url. Additionally the ...
09:26 wt_twitter Revision 1c090eae: [BUGFIX] callApi function not using response parameter
Use response parameter as reference as otherwise there isn't any
Change-Id: I30f187b37a200893a4310bf169...


07:34 Tip-A-Friend Plus Revision 51843a86: [RELEASE] Release of tipafriend_plus 0.2.1
Change-Id: Id9ba5aa0bfa02d0ccc25548ae8fd925b8a620737

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