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11:33 powermail Bug #43820: createActionAfterSubmitView not issued when configured for thx page
We need the signal slot dispached here.
I figure out the problem that the signal slot is dispached twice when the ...


23:24 Shopping cart for TYPO3 Feature #11522 (Accepted): Include payment gateway
We have discussed this feature and will provide a way in version 3.0.0.
23:19 Shopping cart for TYPO3 Feature #54367 (Accepted): Rename variables
The internal name the variable is not crucial, which is changed with the version 2.1.0. It needed new getter methods....
23:05 Shopping cart for TYPO3 Bug #51925 (Accepted): Fatal error after submit - wrong $conf call
Will be fixed in 2.1.0.
23:04 Shopping cart for TYPO3 Bug #51237 (Needs Feedback): No quantity given
I need more Information about your system and versions. xdebug shows me that it is an integer in $this->gpvar['qty'].


13:29 Community Extensions Revision 76949: fixing some output in the pdf
12:53 Community Extensions Revision 76948: fixes archive link


11:18 Community Extensions Revision 76722: fixing file-upload in comment and message after create a comment


14:09 Community Extensions Revision 68752: displaying imagetitles


19:26 Community Extensions Revision 64857: temporarily removing module registration from extension

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