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13:52 powermail Bug #51227: Upload validator is case sensitive
Patch is working and must be incorporated in the next patchlevel.


21:56 Core Feature #56213: Sorting Filelists by FAL attributes
Better targeted at 6.2.x


15:25 Core Feature #56213 (New): Sorting Filelists by FAL attributes
When creating a "File Links" CE and adding a file collection, there is the possibility to sort the files by File Exte...


12:50 Core Bug #49646: Validating the security token of this form has failed. when add 46 images at once in ...
Same happens here: If I add a lot of images (50), then every more image added and trying to save yields that error.


16:26 powermail Bug #43645: Call to a member function getUid() on a non-object
> possible solution: set
> config.sys_language_mode = content_fallback
Reproducible on 6.0 with PM 2.0.6, setting s...

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