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21:45 powermail Bug #57963 (New): JS validation broken for translated fields
Having a translated powermail form with, well, translated fields seems to break the JS validation in FE.
We tracke...


15:08 Core Bug #20541: Problem with $GLOBALS['TSFE']->recordRegister
Issue has been fixed for TYPO3 6.x (see
Attached to this issue here is a lit...


17:21 powermail Feature #55938 (New): Set reply address to sender address
When there's a override of the sender address via TypoScript (to avoid SPF issues) it'd be cool to have the possibili...


19:40 Grid Elements Bug #54961 (Accepted): Preview for already deleted shortcut items
In lib/class.tx_gridelements_drawitemhook.php there's a section for tt_contents of type 'shortcut':...


13:51 Minify Bug #52798 (New): Check on existance of typo3temp/minify folder
We just spent a lot of time debugging why a TYPO3 environment didn't recover from manually emptying the typo3temp fol...


14:41 powermail Bug #52580 (New): Make it easier to select sender address in BE form
Having more than on field named "E-Mail" in a powermail form makes it hard to select the correct one. Sure, we can fi...


00:30 Core Feature #52324 (Resolved): Recycler should have a filter for timestamp
Applied in changeset commit:71b42f5ae377ffb77152e9e7a3c056a0ba28ff1a.


23:34 Core Revision 71b42f5a: [FEATURE] Add tstamp column to recycler record table
This adds an extra column to the record table in
the recycler module so users can sort by that
value and come quicker...
17:41 Core Feature #52324: Recycler should have a filter for timestamp
Attached you'll find a patch that adds the tstamp column to the table view of the deleted records. This kinda does th...
13:55 Core Bug #22130: Nested mountpoints result in broken typolinks in the FE
And no, the patch you mentioned didn't solve this problem.

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