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13:16 news extension Bug #57370: Unknown column 't3ver_oid' in 'field list'
can confirm this, occurs both in tables tx_news_domain_model_category and in tx_news_domain_model_tags.
Seems like t...
11:05 Core Bug #54460: Unable to activate extension
I have the same Problem here,
but the fix won't work^^
Only difference is thast APC has been enabled on the machi...


15:00 Grid Elements Bug #57462: CE Wizard broken
Can confirm this, too! works like a charm.
Many thanks, Markus


18:15 Grid Elements Bug #57660 (Closed): Drag'n'drop wizard broken
In T3 v6.2 the drag n drop wizard seems to be broken;
the tabs just open one after another and won't close again,


11:51 Grid Elements Feature #36332: Default 'NEW' header for grid element
Hi there,
is it possible to alter the default title via TS now?...


20:40 Core Feature #53396 (Rejected): pages layout inheritance
Hi there,
wouldn't it be nice to have a pages layout inheritance in the same way that backend_layout works?


21:56 AwStats Task #46711: TYPO3 v6 Compatibility
Works fine for me!
Can't access logfile-name-confgurable, though.
Kind regards, MT.


13:43 Formhandler Bug #48056 (Resolved): ajax submit error with T3v6.1
Hi there,
there seems to be a bug with typo3conf/ext/formhandler/Classes/Utils/Tx_Formhandler_Utils_AjaxSubmit.php...


21:17 Static file cache Bug #47899 (Resolved): T3v6.1 compatibility
class.tx_ncstaticfilecache.php still has depectaed version int_from_ver() in line 395.
replace line 395...


11:03 Core Feature #47296: Extension Manager Edit Files
Hello Ingo,
thank you for your answer. I totally agree with you that the EM overhaul is in essence a good thing.

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