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11:21 Bug #51688 (Accepted): metrics for extension-t3events shows wrong version
Looks like the sync to Sonar is broken.
We're investigating the Jenkins setup.


09:56 Server Team Bug #37285: Evaluate encrypted databags for Chef
As an alternative / addition to custom encryption keys for databags we can also evaluate
09:46 Task #28623 (Resolved): Enable metrics for TYPO3 v4 Core
All good. Travis-CI not needed for generating metrics.
09:45 Bug #36139 (Resolved): Display file content dos not work. JavaScript-Error?
This only happens when the page gets cached by Varnish.
I disabled Varnish and the source code appears as expected.
09:41 Task #38281 (Needs Feedback): Enable personas
The Personas had been active for a while.
For a strange reason the personas disappeared.
Could you check with d...
09:20 Server Team Bug #37285 (Resolved): Evaluate encrypted databags for Chef
We evaluated encrypted databags on our last meeting in Wiesbaden (
09:15 Task #41127 (Needs Feedback): Get PHP_CS TYPO3 Standards from current master
Still an issue?
If yes: Needs changes on the chef recipes.
Please ask dkd for changes as I can not change anyth...
09:12 PHP_CodeSniffer Suggestion #27984: Check for native PHP functions / TYPO3 API compliance
Ask dkd for details. See email thread 'Prototyp zu "Check for native PHP functions / TYPO3 API compliance"'.
09:10 Feature #12896 (Needs Feedback): Integrate UnitTests on for community extensions hos...
Hi Andy,
the tests could be executed by Travis-CI. There is a organization on Github
09:05 Task #41133 (Needs Feedback): Update git to latest version
Still an issue?
As far as I know dkd could update git on the machine.

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