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00:47 Extension Builder Task #58007 (Needs Feedback): Enforce utf8 in tables?
It seems it is not possible to set that in ext_tables.sql.
I tried to add DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; but it seems not t...


17:34 Extension Builder Bug #58164 (Under Review): ClassBuilder sets wrong default values in roundtrip mode
If an existing class has class properties without default values, the class builder will generate a default value NUL...
13:32 Extension Builder Task #57688 (Resolved): Enable merging of xliff files
Applied in changeset commit:e16839c500786afbc9ebf6f9e11199e6095b2e21.
12:34 Extension Builder Revision e16839c5: [TASK] Keep existing keys in xliff files when merging
Releases: 6.2
Resolves: #57688
Change-Id: I4f6a5e0b3177add9db67766d1ca2877a2e23fccf
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo...
12:28 Extension Builder Task #57688 (Accepted): Enable merging of xliff files
Merging should always keep existing key/values since renaming a property or model will result in new key anyway


11:29 Extension Builder Bug #58115 (Under Review): Avoid loading of ExtJS and ExtDirect in Backend module
Since both are not needed we should not load them


12:04 Extension Builder Task #58084 (Needs Feedback): Add @var and default values for fields
Which fields do you mean?
The model class properties?
They should have default values already...
08:35 Extension Builder Revision 95f2dec1: [TASK] Adapt fixtures to last changes
Removes space in die () call and ending php tags
in fixtures
Releases: 6.2
Change-Id: I340bf00375213a229b3f78f2bb17...
08:32 Extension Builder Bug #57791 (Resolved): Missing FAL compatible TCA for properties of type file, image, file refere...
Applied in changeset commit:6c5cb715b6598fb415763adc1c53a09a6e97826a.
08:32 Extension Builder Task #57688 (Resolved): Enable merging of xliff files
Applied in changeset commit:c12c2e2cef1ae17d64a3e118c89bb3722e53d6f0.

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