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09:32 Extension Builder Task #57853 (Resolved): New extension manual template
Applied in changeset commit:8dc6ccfa62223ddd1017005f74e1aafa616cd4dc.
08:53 Extension Builder Revision 8dc6ccfa: [TASK] Include new Extension Manual
Releases: 6.2
Resolves: #57853
Change-Id: Ib358dfea1960710a2be5830e738d00d7778fd720
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3...


23:08 Extension Builder Task #57688 (Accepted): Enable merging of xliff files
23:07 Extension Builder Bug #52947 (Under Review): Property type FileReference not working with roundtrip mode


12:58 Extension Builder Revision db701b0a: [TASK] Enable property type specific options
Releases: 6.2
Change-Id: I60f878fef98fe3bd119af8d804f7b0c8a09984a8
12:52 Extension Builder Revision 5fb09777: Prepare TCA partials for FAL properties
Since the TCA for FAL is generated by a method that returns an array,
we have to rearrange the template for the domai...


14:49 Core Bug #57831 (New): ExtensionManager hangs after upgrading an extension
If the ExtensionManager shows the icon to upgrade an extensions and you click on it, some overlay is shown, but then ...
10:36 Extension Builder Bug #57738 (Resolved): Wrong default values for class properties
Applied in changeset commit:595e342da22ebd1d688b31e9dcb0b5f3c0650f2f.
09:46 Extension Builder Revision 595e342d: [BUGFIX] Set correct default values
Releases: 6.2
Resolves: #57738
Change-Id: I4e3328a25d32eebb6b895a45b6b840416f462ddf
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo...


20:31 Extension Builder Bug #57791 (Under Review): Missing FAL compatible TCA for properties of type file, image, file re...

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