Board Assistence

Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

Board Assistance - Alain Veuve

Secretary and Administration work for the board, mainly done by Sandra Krieg

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RE: Board Assistence - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

Very in-transparent - could you please give some more detail how this amount is calculated?

Like: 485h in total = 52 weeks * 9.3269h per week or something like this...

RE: Board Assistence - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Even better would be a job description. I think there is a lot of assistence work to do.
So please add a job description and everyone will be happy :-)

RE: Board Assistence - Added by Andreas Otto † over 7 years ago

How about the association hires a part time employee for this job and probably other administrative tasks. This seems more transparent to me in the end.

RE: Board Assistence - Added by Gina Steiner over 7 years ago

hi andreas,
atm the typo3 association is not able to employ people outside of switzerland. we already checked out the possibility. we asked our official statutory auditors bdo but they said if we want to employ sandra (who does the board assistance) in germany we have to build up a branch association in germany. this for sure is too much overhead, we have international members an can not set up branches in every country. in addition it is not possible to sign a contract over more than one year, since the budget cycle of the association is one year. we also had this problem when the certification asked us to set up a 3-years contract with a company. in this case we got in contact with the company and convinced them of a one-year contract which will be extended from year to year. so: good idea, not possible with our current association. we need to stick to the freelance system.
best gina

RE: Board Assistence - Added by Alain Veuve over 7 years ago

Hi there

sorry I was completely offline right after con and thats why I am so late. Regarding your requests/questions:

The number of hours is calculated on the numbers of the actual workhours Sandra had in 2012 so far. There are months where more work needs to be done (typically the colder ones) and some with less work.

Sandras Job-Description goes like this: =======================================
- Sorting postmail (analog/digital)
- Archiving documents
- Supporting the incoming invoice approval process
- Accounting of all incoming invoices
- Bi-monthly payments preparation
- Management of the membershiops (cancellations, newones, upgrades, questions etc)
- Support for me and the BDO in order to make the yearly balance
- Shop Administration in General

Regarding the part time employee idea: I think we already have this with Sandra. Well the contract is not an employer ocntract but she is doing all this work and does it the right way. While it is true what Gina wrote, I think it's even better doing it this way. It prevents us from all kind of additional administration stuff that would come with having an employer. For now I consider this to be the best solution.