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Certification - Dominic Brander

Certification exams in different cities worldwide

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Why there are PearsonVUE exams and "in place" mixed? Thought the certification will use PearsonVUE from 01.01.2013 only? Think it does not make sense to mix it - no even at events like T3CON oder TYPO3CMScamps or similar. There should be a talk how the PearsonVUE thing works and where the next possibiity is. Perhaps the organiser kann arrange a date within a center during the event or something like this. For the rest +1

RE: Certification - Added by Dominic Brander over 7 years ago

We agree with you and the cert team is still undecided if we should really offer both possibilities. Currently I personally prefer to stop the paper based tests. From the budget point of view this does not have a huge impact since we would "only" save about 1'000 EUR. But from the organisational point of view we could reduce redundancies and organizational work and focus on new certifications...
Feel free to discuss this during the T3CON 12 - several cert team members will be there.