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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

“Community” extension – implementation of groups and improve privacy control - Tymoteusz Motylewski

Ext:Community is the only Extbase based social networking extension for TYPO3. Right now it support plenty of features, including messages, friendships, gallery, wall, etc.

But there is a big need of support for groups and improved privacy control (to let user decide which profile details should be visible and which should be private).
We want privacy control implementation in Community to become a reference for all Extbase extensions. Some concepts developed initially for Community might later be integrated into TYPO3 Core or Extbase. Tymoteusz is a Extbase team member so he will take care of knowledge exchange between Community and Extbase teams.
To achieve this goal community team would like to organize 2 code sprints.

Additionally we are in desperate need of new design for Community plugins, as there is no designer in Community team, we would like to sponsor this work.

Our third goal is to provide an CI server for running tests (unit and selenium) for Community extension. For an extension complex as this one, a lot of time developers spend making manual testing. It would help us a lot if we can have an CI server for running them automatically after each commit.

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RE: Community Extension - Added by Steffen Ritter over 7 years ago

Too me it feels like we do not need that... There already have been several efforts to realize it - but it never made it. If the community is not able to evolve such thing without assocation support , then it feels to be not worth beeing funded by the assocation.

RE: Community Extension - Added by Tomasz Grzemski over 7 years ago

But the problem is that the community extension is good aproach in extbase to cover community functionality in TYPO3.