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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

typo3.org content refresh and improval - Boris Hinzer

We need to enhance and refresh the content, articles and dates frequently with the TYPO3 Editorial Team. Content needs to get monitored and improved. The sprint should give the chance to do a complete refresh of typo3.org and improve the quality of certain sections eg. Teams on typo3.org. Afterwards the complete typo3.org should have a better basis to get maintained regularly.

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RE: Editorial Team - Added by Sacha Storz over 7 years ago

I think it's a very good idea to organize parts of this work in sprints. I know for a fact that people would be willing to participate, but it is difficult to do this alongside because (a) it takes you more time to get into the workflow than to actually complete the task itself and (b) most of the work to be done depends on information from other people and an orchestrated "strike" concerning this missing information would problably be much more efficient.

RE: Editorial Team - Added by Boris Hinzer over 7 years ago

Just fyi: The amounts of or budget application shown in the overview table of the wiki were wrong. I've corrected the entries there according to the ods spreadsheet.