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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

Extbase - Anja Leichsenring

Mainly for covering codesprints and travel costs.
Acknowledgements are for motivating team-members after bigger contributions.

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RE: Extbase Team - Added by Sebastian Michaelsen over 7 years ago

In my opinion (and it may well differ from other's) Extbase ist the single most important project for the TYPO3 Community at the moment and is really underrated in engagement, attention and budget. So, while I'm perfectly ok with this budget application and I really hope I can attend 1 of the codesprints the team should demand and get more budget, especially for acknowledgement and an additional item for important development.

tl;dr: +1 (it should be even more)

RE: Extbase Team - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

As Extbase is already feature complete according to the Extbase teamleader Felix Oertel (http://twitter.com/foertel/status/252511831329996800) I guess this budget is just for bugfixing? Are there that many bugs so 4 code sprints are needed? Besides of that I agree to Sebastian, that Extbase is one of the most important parts within TYPO3 CMS - so it should be supported. I would love to see more features in Extbase :-)

RE: Extbase Team - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

Feature complete is not true ... there is missing write support for l10n+workspaces with you use more complex settings. On top of that there several issues with using extbase in the backend that needs to be tackled.
Furthermore, extbase should ship with models for all TYPO3 (content) tables which is not the case yet and need to be tackled too.

I do not know what the current sync state is with TYPO3 Flow und Fluid, but I guess that could use some love too.

RE: Extbase Team - Added by Jonas Felix over 7 years ago

The great thing is, that you'll be able to vote about the priority of applications if your a member of the association. So if you think this is important, vote for it as soon as the voting is available. (And if your a not yet an association member, become one, than without members we wouldn't have any budget ;-)...)

RE: Extbase Team - Added by Felix Oertel over 7 years ago

@Philipp don't take the feature complete comment by Patrick too serious, he's just fucking with me a bit ... deep in his heart he loves TYPO3 Extbase and knows, we all don't have a chance to escape. ;-)

Of course this budget is intended for bug fixing, performance optimizing and features. Of course a software is - by it's nature - never feature complete. But in the current state we have a pretty good set of features which we really have to finalize and polish, before rushing into the next construction sites. I'd consider things like reducing the database queries using joins and correctly resolving language and workspace records bugfixes, but I guess everyone takes it a little different.

Thanks for your support, the team appreciates that!