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French speaking TYPO3 Forum - Cyril Wolfangel


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RE: - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

I would prefer an english forum first. Ideally connected to the newsgroups.

RE: - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

Is this forum connected to some official address owned by the association?
I second Philipps comment that first (or parallel) we should have an english forum as well - perhaps we can summarize this.

RE: - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

This budget it just for the licence fee for the forum software, right?

  • Who had paid that fee in the past?
  • Who decided to use that software (i just wonder; i guess there was a very good reason to choose this one)
  • Who administrate this software/the server? It's no official TYPO3 infrastructure, right?

RE: - Added by Olivier Dobberkau over 7 years ago

I must say that it seem that i made an error with this application. I spoke to Cyril after he sent this application to the EAB. We discussed it and i offered him that i sponsor the fee and that he help us to finish the allmost finished forum/newsgroup integration in exchange. Some how i forgot to tell my EAB Collegues that this Budget Application should be cancelled. Sorry my Bad!

Olivier Dobberkau (Member of the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association)

RE: - Added by Steffen Gebert over 7 years ago

Hi Cyril, hi Olivier, hi everybody,

as pointed out by Patrick there's the "plan" for a forum that syncs with the news groups (bidirectionally).

Technically, this already works fine, "only" styling is missing. We have two people (Martin Terber and Roxanne Parent) working on that since a few weeks. Progress is slow, but I've already seen changes. So I'm positive that this can be finished finally.

Regarding the French community: I would be very happy to open a typo3.french news group, which will then be also in the forum. The advantage would be that the French community could get a bit closer to the rest of the TYPO3 community.

What do you think of this? We can open typo3.french immediately and it will be in the forum from the beginning.

Steffen Gebert
TYPO3 Sever Admin Team Member