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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

GA costs - Gina Steiner

Location and Catering for the GA and Travel expenses regarding the GA (personal reimbursement of tickets and hotel) for the the bodies of the TYPO3 Association.

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RE: General Assembly - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

There is a wrong Budget Application Form attached - please correct

@Gina: Is there just one CEBAB planned in 2013?

RE: General Assembly - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Most application use 80 € a night and 150 € travel cost.
Why do you work with 100 € and 200 €? In total we are talking about 1800 €

Greetings Volker

RE: General Assembly - Added by Gina Steiner over 7 years ago

hi patrick,
no there are 3 cebabs and one GA.
thanx for the hint with the wrong link, i will contact the eab.

hi volker,
i use the official travel reimbursement guideline from the association:
here is the pdf:
here is the page it's linked on:

best gina