Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1

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Grid Elements 2.0 Code Sprint - Jo Hasenau

Since we presented grid elements for the first time in 2011 people have been asking a lot, when it's features will make it to the TYPO3 core. So the goal of this code sprint will be to have the major features of the extension implemented into the TYPO3 page module while improving the special features that will still be available via extension.

We are planning to have a fully paid team of up to 8 hand picked developers for a time frame of up to 9 days and 8 nights working on this task in the nice winter wonderland of the Upper Harz. Wages will be paid by a separate crowd funding project that we are going start on – So the only budget we are asking for is for travel, lodging, food and a shuttle for the warm up weekend. If we don't manage to raise enough money to pay the developers via startnext, the whole project will be obsolete, but there might be a different budget, that we are applying for in another paper. The funding will be going to end mid of december, so it should be clear when the T3A's final decision has to be made.

The road map for the sprint is as follows:

We will start with a warm up weekend where the team will meet for some sightseeing and socialising in the snow that usually should be available in Clausthal-Zellerfeld at that time. We will go on with team building and brain storming. The location will be the Aula of the Technical University of Clausthal - which is the host of one of our TER mirrors BTW. And we will need a shuttle bus to get to certain locations during the socialising and team building process.

The actual hard core coding will start on Monday and will take at least 8 hours per day with open end. We want to refactor parts of the code beforehand, so that it already matches the new principles and guidelines of the 6.0 core and we can concentrate on implementing features into the core and improving features of or adding features to the extension.

We have decided to go for a fully paid team, since we want to get things done within the planned road map and with the desired quality. So we will invite some people that we really would like to be part of this sprint, while the rest of the team will be set up with people who volunteered for the job.

We will start a small campaign on forge, facebook, twitter and Xing until mid of September. So we will hopefully find 6 highly motivated people, who will join us in the Upper Harz to really get things done. The other 2 will be the team leaders, which are Rocco Georgi and myself.

Any participant will have to pick a task or a feature before the warm up weekend and has to finish it within a given timeframe. To give team members a chance to finish things on their own before or after or maybe even without even attending the whole sprint, the actual dead line for code delivery will be end of January.

Payment of developers will be funded via a project on – We will offer some specialties for people who are willing to pay certain amounts of money. There will be Training-Videos, Remote support via Skype, Caps, T-Shirts and other stuff. The third party in this case will be my company, which is the Cybercraft Media Manufactory. It will be responsible for fund raising and payment of the developers.

The sprint will end at the following weekend, but people will not be forced to stay that long. So there is a chance for those who want to stay, to finish their stuff. This means that the cost for lodging and food might be lower than the rough estimate in the spreadsheet.

The goal is to offer a feature rich page module with a much better user experience based on the 6.x core.

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RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Jo Hasenau over 7 years ago

Here ist the link to the official crowd funding project on startnext:

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Oliver Wand over 7 years ago

Why is there an application for budget in addition to the crowdfunding of this project, especially since you say that if there is no crowdfunding the whole project will be obsolete?

Shouldn't the crowdfunding itself finance all, including the requests made here or - the other way round - why was the decision made to do a crowdfunding in general instead of requesting the full budget here?

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Jo Hasenau over 7 years ago

Well - frankly said: Because the T3A told us they don't want to get applications including paid development, because they want to focus on pushing voluntary work. Instead it would be better to apply for a budget for infrastructure, travel, lodging and other related stuff.

Since we wanted to go for a paid sprint anyway, we decided to raise the money for the developers on our own and just ask for a supplemental budget here.
This is due to the fact that the crowd funding budget will only be paid when we were able to reach the goal that we set there before.
So we just cut off the additional costs form that budget and set the money needed for the working hours as the goal for the crowd funding, which is then easier to reach.

So actually we will need an overall amount of 37.785,- Euros to conduct the sprint, but this application is for just 7.785,-.

Of course this means that our company might have to pay the difference in case that we will get the crowd funding budget but not this one, and assuming that there will be all 7 developers working for the whole sprint. But this is a risk that we are willing to take.

On the other hand for the general assembly it will be without any risk, since the sprint already happened, when the decision has to be made. So people will already know if it was a success or not. And we can tell you the exact amount of money that we will have spent then.

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Steffen Ritter over 7 years ago

As I'm pretty sure, that you yourself will be one of the funded developers, most development of gridelements by now already has been payed AND it somehow is your baby - I think the organisational overhead and stuff you ask to be payed by the covered by crowdfunding, too.

Anyhow I feel, that there is no part of volunteer work within the project - every second and part seems to be payed. That I do not like at all... Therefore I'm not really supportive of this application.

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Chris Zepernick over 7 years ago

So Steffen what you basically say is:

If an Extension was sponsored by a company initially and then set free for the community for further development, you don`t want it at all?
Do I get that right ?

Great signal to each and every company developing stuff and releasing it to the community.
Just great.

This application is only for the travel and event costs, the development is paid / sponsored by crowd funding, exactly for the reason not to bother the T3-Assoc with such cost so that the money could be spend on other development.

We allready have a lot paid development with TYPO3 Flow already, ditch that too ?

We want to get things done, easiest and fastest this is done by paying the right developers to do stuff on the agenda. Sad fact.

But this is no money that should be paid by T3-Assoc, this should be paid by the people and companys that want this stuff.
Jo just asked for the support for traveling costs and event it self, because the work done will be contribute to the whole community, although only a few paid to get it done.

I think it is just fair that the ones getting it without contributing to the development it self pay at least the travel costs.

Wich is done for each and every other project, where the coders contribute their time.

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Jo Hasenau over 7 years ago

Steffen Ritter wrote:

it somehow is your baby

What makes you come to this conclusion? - Grid elements has been developed on demand by the T3A as a logical consequence of the things we started at the TYPO3 User eXperience Week in 2009 - on a voluntary base. Since it has been me who adapted the stuff we developed there for the core of TYPO3 4.5 in 2010 - again on a voluntary base - , I have been asked if I would be able to conduct a kind of taskforce in 2011. I managed to convince one of our major clients, namely German Telekom to sponsor at least a part of that development and make the results available in the TER, so I finally agreed to take over this task and got grid elements included as an official TYPO3 v4 project.

every second and part seems to be payed.

Again: What makes you come to this conclusion?

Yes - the initial development of grid elements was partly sponsored by our client. But since the overall budget for the project that included a full transition of a huge intranet away from TV based templating was limited, the sponsored phase ended almost a year ago. And grid elements was just a small portion of that budget. We are still working for this client but with completely different focus now. So anything else beyond that point has been done on a voluntary base by the people of the grid elements team.

And to clarify this even further: I am working on an hourly base, which means: Any hour that I do spend with grid elements development will not just be unpaid but LOWER the monthly income of my company, since I have to decide if I stay at the office to get paid or switch to my hotel room for unpaid TYPO3 work.

Now we came to a point where we have finished the stuff that was necessary to satisfy our client's needs, since most of them are happily living with the current state of grid elements. But there a lot of other users outside in the TYPO3 world, that are waiting for the missing features and bugfixes. Many of them would like to see it included as a sysext into the core.

Since nobody of the core team (inlcuding yourself as the release manager of the TYPO3 version grid elements has been actually planned for) seemed to bother getting at least the most important features of it into the core, we decided to go for another approach. This is why we are using different ways to collect a budget for a paid code sprint to finally get things done and have them made ready for the core.

This is why we are asking for a supplemental budget in this application AND a crowd funded budget on startnext to pay up to 9 developers.
Yes - the crowd funded budget will include myself, since it will take even more than just a week of coding to conduct such a code sprint, and as I already explained, I would not just be unpaid but lowering my income during that time, since there is no company backing me up with a monthly income.

Since we have to meet a certain goal at startnext, we thought it would be a good idea to reduce the amount of money we have to raise there and ask for the same supplemental budget of the T3A, that is available for any other of the official projects. The money we are asking for in THIS particular application will be spent for the developers ONLY, who will have to come to my hometown and stay there somehow. And we need some additional money for the team building weekend. We could have included the paid WT as well but did not, so that this money can be spent for other projects.

Actually this is a larger part of the content of the "forging grid elements" talk we will have at T3CON12 next Saturday, so maybe you can attend it to get more insight and discuss things in detail. I will be available at the budget presentation on Friday as well, even though the budget is nit important enough to have a slot there ...

BTW: The crowd funding campaign will be finished before the final decision for this application has to be made. So you can already see, if the interest in grid elements is high enough to get a budget of 30.000 Euros or not. If not, this application will be obsolete. In case we managed to get a so called "overfunding" we will just ask for the necessary difference or maybe even withdraw the application.

Hope this clarifies things a bit - and next time maybe you should ask for the facts instead of just guessing ;-)

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Jo Hasenau over 7 years ago

Today we published a question and answers section regarding our startnext project - so you can find additional information for this application on our project page.

RE: Grid Elements 2.0 Part 1 - Added by Jo Hasenau about 7 years ago

As promised, since the crowd funding project has been overfunded with almost exactly the amount necessary, we have withdrawn this application completely.

Thanks a lot to the 99 supporters for making this possible! You rock!