Google Summer of Code 2013

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Google Summer of Code 2013 - Tobias Liebig

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a project hosted by Google, Inc. Open Source organizations like the TYPO3 Association may apply with Google to be part of the project. If accepted students apply with the Open Source organization. The organization then selects students to work for the organization during the summer.
The Open Source organization provides mentorship for the students during their coding phase. Google will provide a stipend of 5500 USD per accepted student developer, of which 5000 USD goes to the student and 500 USD goes to the mentoring organization (which in the past we payed to the actual mentors as an acknowledgement for their work).
The primary goal of the GSoC project is to spread Open Source among students. For the TYPO3 Association we can identify another goal; spreading the word about TYPO3 and its projects into countries and regions where TYPO3 may be little known yet.
We participate three times in the past already and had four students in 2009, five in 2010 and six in 2011. We didnt get accepted in 2012, but we had some very successful projects in each year in which we have participated and so we really want to apply next year again. If we got accepted, we will try to get six to eight student slots assigned.

Organizing the participation in GSoC involves quite some work for the mentors and the administrator, which includes:
gathering, evaluate and prepare ideas for projects students can work on
gathering possible mentors (one mentor per student and if possible a second as co-mentor)
prepare the organization application
review students proposals and pick out the most promising ones
mentoring the students
adminstrate the mentors
evaluate the students work (Google requires an mid-term and an final evaluation)
writing/gathering and publish regular project reports from the students and mentors
organizing participants for the annual GSoC Mentor Summit (Late October, Google will take over the travel costs for up to two mentors per organization)
invoicing the stipends and distributing mentor payments
For the mentors we expect about 4h of work each week during the coding period. This will be covered by volunteer work. For the organization administrator we expect like 20-40 additional hours of work (beside of most likely mentoring one of the students) during the summer for organization, communication and invoicing.

In 2011 we realized we need to improve in communication to the community and the public about GsoC's goals, TYPO3's participation in GSoC and the student's projects. In 2012 we wanted to tackle this, but unfortunately we didn't got accepted for GSoC this year. One of the reasons for the rejection was the insufficient presentation of possible project ideas for the students.

We should start collecting ideas and possible mentors much earlier as in the last years. Also we like to organize a „sprint“/meetup to prepare a new, outstanding „ideas page“ for the application (evaluate the collected ideas, writing texts, setup the pages, prepare the application itself). This should be happen in february at the latest, as the GSoC application will most likely start in early march.
Further we like to meet up again with all mentors right before the GSoC final evaluations (about mid of August) to evaluate the students work, prepare the final evaluations required by Google, prepare a final report and (if feasable) a demonstration of the students work and possibly prepare a talk for the T3CON13 as a GSoC 2013 summary and kickstart for the GSoC 2014.

Back in 2011 we had some nice give away goodie packages for the students as an additional motivation and also to bind them to the TYPO3 projects. These packages included T-Shirts, pens, lan yards, stickers and note books/moleskins. The budget for that was provided from other projects in the past. For the next year we like to do the same again and also give such a package to the volunteer mentors aswell as a kind of ackknowlegdement. We also like to invite the students to an TYPO3-Event, like the T3CON, and provide ticket vouchers and a (at least partial) travel cost refund for them. The students could be introduced to the community, talk about their projects and they could catch some of the awesome TYPO3 spirit. If we're very lucky they will stick to the community for a while and turn into contributors.

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RE: Google Summer of Code 2013 - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

again we have the T3Con Tickets included. lets kick this. Rest ok since it's good for marketing.

RE: Google Summer of Code 2013 - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

i think to invite someone (in this case even not-yet-community-members) is a great way to acknowledge his/her contribution and to introduce him/her to the community as well as invite him/her to become a part of the community.
So i really still like to invite the students to the T3CON. Although it should be clarified if that could/should be handling internally somehow. I guess this might become a part of the T3CON budget application then (retain a bunch of free tickets for 'different' purposed).

RE: Google Summer of Code 2013 - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

By the way: I set the 'Travel cost refund for the students' a little higher, as I expect most of the students not coming from Germany or even Europe. For the most parts of the world this still means it will cover just a part of the travel costs.

RE: Google Summer of Code 2013 - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Hi Tobi,

sorry for my unclear sentence.
Yes the students should be invited, but this should be solved with coupons not with money in this budget.
I think it's not a problem to include 40 or 50 free - tickets in the calculation for the conference.

Greetings volker