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Professional Services Listing on (PSL) -Frederic Gauss

Maintaining and Evolution of the Professional
Services Listings on

Listings are with cost (200 EUR yearly) and need
to be reviewed on a yearly base. The review cost us about one hour at association rate. The review is be done by a team. The team has 4 members.

From the income we will use the most for further
development and improvement of the PSL functionality. At least for this year. As a paid service we have to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Budget_PSL.ods (13.3 KB)

Budget_PSL.odt (27.4 KB)

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RE: PSL - Added by Oliver Wand over 7 years ago

This application includes the position "Marketing" without further explanation. What exactly is this needed for as we are only talking about an already existing paid service? What Marketing is needed for this?

In addition there are already some budget applications in terms of Marketing, which might be able to cover the Marketing needed here?

RE: PSL - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Additional to the missing information about the "marketing" what income do we have?
I thought that it will be a negative budget like the con, but what are we earning with the whole project?

Last question: is there already budget for this year, or is the work done without payment?
I think there will be a discussion at the con about the team. I thing it should be possible to make the reviews without pay for this.

RE: PSL - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

  • The income fully covers the expense, right?
  • Could you be a little more detailed about the "Development" and the "Marketing" part? Who's gonna doing what?

RE: PSL - Added by Nico de Haen over 7 years ago

To me it is self-evident that the PSL income should not only cover all expenses but also every aspect of work or manpower related to the review process etc. I have to say that I expected the PSL to be an additional income for the association.

If it does not we have to think about increasing the review fee.

Btw I feel very uncomfortable with the current listing requirements since it focuses on agencies. Besides the required contributions (which should be kept as a preliminary) the minimum fee of 970 € (silver membership and review fee) is cheap for agencies but quite a lot of money for freelancers - and there are many contributing freelancers in the TYPPO3 community.

So I see no reason why the community should give a budget to enable advertisement for agencies on