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TYPO3 Infrastructure Maintenance - Michael Stucki

The server team maintains the infrastructure of the TYPO3 community during the whole year.

This includes:
- Forge, Subversion, Git servers
- Mailing list servers
- Operation (not maintenance) of
- almost all * web sites and services

We are very motivated to serve the TYPO3 community and do our best to keep all services at good health.

Most of our work is done on a voluntary base. We are applying for a budget to be prepared for must-have tasks which would cost us too much time to get finished during spare time.

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RE: Server - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

This is a really small amount of money for the most important infrastructure the projects needs. Thanks a lot for your great work every uses and no one sees. +1
From my point of view is this budget not vote-able as it is the basis for everything

RE: Server - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

The server team should get what ever they request :-)

RE: Server - Added by Oliver Klee over 7 years ago

Yes, we need this.

RE: Server - Added by Andreas Otto † over 7 years ago

Tobias Liebig wrote:

The server team should get what ever they request :-)

Maybe not everything - but you are right.

Additionaly I would like to see this budget application be granted straight away.

RE: Server - Added by Gina Steiner over 7 years ago

hi andreas,
we can't grant budget right away - due to our bylaws we are bound to the GA, which will take place on the very beginning of february 2013. so every budget can be granted then, not earlier. but it's up the the EAB if they put e.g. this application into the member priority poll or not. if they don't, it is sure that this team will get their budget because it is subtracted before the budget negotiation.
i shifted the GA to the very beginning of the year two years ago since this is the budget for next year (2013). since everybody can hand in invoices regarding this years budget till the end of 2012 (and you can imagine when the invoices are handed in ;-)) we will have our accounting ready in early mid of january 2013. so the GA takes place right after we have the numbers.
best gina

RE: Server - Added by Tolleiv Nietsch over 7 years ago

I'm very thankful for what they did to support the T3O team, these guys doing a great job :)