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T3Board - Adrian Zimmermann

Yearly community snowfboard/ski Tour (one Week) with 120-140 enthusiasts. In 2013 the tour will be hosted again in Austria on the Schmittenhöhe.

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RE: T3Board - Added by Christian Nölle over 7 years ago

I don't get the application of an community event for a budget? What is that for, shouldn't it be covered by the fees for the event?

RE: T3Board - Added by Michael Stucki over 7 years ago

I'm wondering about the sheet as I remember having asked Adrian for a revised version of it. As far as I understood, the costs for the hotel are just a loan that will be paid back after all members have paid their fees. It's a deposit which is required by the hotel.

Adrian knows for sure, he should clarify it.

- michael

RE: T3Board - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

Please clarify what money you need for what exactly and please remove all 0€ lines from the sheet.