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TYPO3 Conference Europe 2013 - Jürgen Egeling

The 9th International TYPO3 conference (T3CON13) will take place in 2013 again. More than 450 participants from internet, technology, media, and marketing agencies from over 15 countries are expected to participate.
The TYPO3 conference will allow TYPO3 experts and persons interested in TYPO3 to share all aspects of the current state of development and implementations of this worldwide market- leading Content Management Systeme (CMS).
The TYPO3 conference is the most comprehensive meeting of the TYPO3 community.
Historically the T3CON takes place in Germany, since there are some very active agencies, that have contributed

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Thanks for your application.
Would it help to join forces with other teams and move the amount of 10.000 for PR budget to Marketing/PR application and delegate this task to the one and the same PR agency?