T3CON travel expenses

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T3CON Europe Conference Travel Expenses - Gina Steiner

Some of the budget leaders (presumably four) are invited to the conference to introduce their new budgets applications. We need to organize and attend this meeting. Travel expenses regrading transportation, hotel and conference tickets for the T3CON for the EAB and board of the TYPO3 Association and four guests. In sum this are 16 persons.

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RE: T3CON travel expenses - Added by Oliver Wand about 7 years ago

In addition to Jo Hasenau's comment on http://forge.typo3.org/boards/15/topics/13 I think this applies also here in regards of T3CON conference tickets:

"Well - to me it does not make too much sense when the T3A pays money for the core developers to have them pay tickets for a conference held by the T3A." as Jo wrote on the other topic, which I would agree and would also be the same situation here, at least regarding the tickets.

RE: T3CON travel expenses - Added by Olivier Dobberkau about 7 years ago

From an economic point of view tickets for the T3A can't be free. I could imagine that we could think of an alternative way to sponsor a certain amount of free ticket within certain rules. I favour the transparent announcement of all costs so that we can value what such an invitation is worth.

RE: T3CON travel expenses - Added by Volker Graubaum about 7 years ago

cost are a little bit to high and I also agree with Olvier about the useless money moving.
I'm not sure about Oliviers opinion about the Assoc members.

Additional to that, people who are invited to the con to present their budget don't have to visit the whole conference
So lets say one night is ok, since it's in the evening, but no tickets is needed.

Greetings Volker

RE: T3CON travel expenses - Added by Gina Steiner about 7 years ago

hi all,
we have incomings and outgoings in our association accounting and we have to track the money flow to enhance things. if you now shift money from A to B without any track you are producing exactly the untransparency i try to solve since 5 years.
i'm happy that we finally are able to track the money so we are able to answer e.g. questions like: why are the t3con earnings decreased in 2019 compared to 2018? maybe the difference is, that in 2019 we sponsored the double number of tickets thus this would be totally normal. with 2 applications we keep track on such things. in addition i think it should be possible for all association members to have an impact on such spendings/applications. e.g. i never get my conference tickets payed by the association, i either work as helping hand, part of the organization team or do talks. so for me it is important that you discuss the sense of paying this tickets for the EAB and the board.
best gina