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Event TYPO3 Developer Days 2013 - Sebastian Böttger

1. We need approx. 220 attendees to cover the costs. (This may depend on the sponsors, too.)
2. The upper limit are 280 visitors.
3. The location (Mace) needs to be booked until November, otherwise the reservation is gone. We might have a chance to postpone the booking until December. Later is not possible for sure.
4. If the budget is not accepted, typovision might take over the organization of the event and cover profit and loss. This however needs to be discussed & decided by the management of typovision together with the EAB.

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RE: T3DD - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

Looking at the number if applications for the last devdays and the long waiting list, I do not think that getting enough attendees will be a problem.

RE: T3DD - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

What is:
Assoc Kosten, Typovision Kosten 5.100,00 €
Brigitte (Grafik) 0 2.500,00 €

Go for it :-)

Greetings Volker

RE: T3DD - Added by Gina Steiner over 7 years ago

hi sebastian,
i'm missing the incorporation in the strategy of the associations event committee. i suggest you should get in contact with thomas hempel.
best gina