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T3School - Cyril Wolfangel

I'm creating an official TYPO3 school in France. I already have all the agreement with an IT school in AMIENS and we are starting with 100h of teaching
I will need help from the association to communicate on the project, work on the design part of the website and money to translate all my courses and program in english and whatever langage that could be usefull.

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RE: T3School - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

I thought that using of "T3" is just allowed by official events? So there are no T3Camps but TYPO3camps - please get in touch with the association to clarify this at an early stage.

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I like the idea. If we could enable an easy to TYPO3 with this courses, go for it. The amount of money seems to be fair.

Greetings Volker