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Team meeting (aka product board) - Gina Steiner

We still have no round table where representatives of all teams meet and discuss the things we need to clarify for the TYPO3 project. Recently e.g. we saw some confusion with the numbering scheme. We should try to avoid complications due to the lack of communication as well as top-down decisions as well as solo attempts.
We already saw a draft for this team meeting so my idea is to take this draft, work on it, communicate some enhancements with a small group of people, send this draft out to the teams to get feedback, incorporate this into the draft, send it out once more, meet with representatives of the teams once in a live meeting, agree on a way to go and hopefully implement a regulary online team meeting.

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RE: Team Meeting - Added by Felix Oertel over 7 years ago

  • The work is usual, organisational work to be done by the team. I don't think it should be paid at all.
    • What in "Communicate first draft" takes 16 (!) hole days and nearly 4.5 k€ of work?
    • "Organize live meeting" is advised with 55,- €. Don't we have a special rate for event organizing? Something around 37,50 €.
    • "Preparation of the live meeting (incl. time for the meeting)" someone is getting paid to attend the meeting?
  • Hotel for the meeting is way too expensive. I would not pay more than 80,- € per double room, so 40,- € per attendee should be enough.
  • Location for 20 people can easily be goten for free in one of the bigger agencies.

RE: Team Meeting - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

For my understanding, we have 140 hours to create a document about what the product board is doing? Right?

Greetings Volker

RE: Team Meeting - Added by Gina Steiner over 7 years ago

Hi all,

I think we need a high acceptance for this meeting not only in the teams but also in the rest of the community (people not involved in any team). The idea of such a central interaction of the teams is to communicate or discuss e.g. a new numbering scheme or a new branding approach.

Like some people know we lack an interface where input can be collected and discussion can take place.

You might imagine that involving e.g. representatives of each meeting might be the easier part but offer an interface for input from the rest of the community (people not involved in any team) is a much more complicated part. This is not only important for the preparation of each team meeting it is also of high importance for the concept itself. If we set up such an interface we have to assure that not only all teams but also the rest of the community had the possibility to deliver input into the concept (so at the very beginning where we plan how the team meeting should work). So it hopefully will be possible to set up an interface which was found based on all input. This is the reason why I estimate a lot of work for the concept because we need a hight acceptance. Plus all communication afterwards - we also lack this like you might know. I want to assure that this will happen.

If you have experience in this field you know what it means to get this meal cooked by the input of everybody. It is hard to estimate any hours but at least I think we do not need much more time. The lesser hours we need the better it is and I assure to take care to keep an eye of keeping the costs low. But I need to apply for the amount it might reach if the things do not run smooth.
Regarding the rates: I took the old official T3A rate for this kind of work, this work is comparable with e.g. the community manager. This was a mistake, I should have taken the new rates... If the EAB decides to set up a new rate for this kind of work, simply let me know.

Regarding the travel expenses it is the same: I took the official travel reimbursement guide:
Here is the PDF:
Here is the page it's linked on:
Like with all travels I do or organize: This costs are never reached, since we always have sponsoring and good organized people who book so early that they normally get cool prices as well as they always take low budget accommodation - but like mentioned above: I sticked to the guideline and I have to cover the costs if it does not run the best way.

Best regards Gina