TYPO3 Camp Carpathians

Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Daniel Homorodean

a 3 days Camp in the heart of Romania, the first International Camp held in the Eastern Europe, in a beautiful mountain resort, aimed to bring together the East European TYPO3 Users and all TYPO3 users who like to know more about the growing community from this region. 2 days are planned for sessions, and the final day for outdoor activities – discovering the spectacular natural phenomenons in the mountains of Bucegi, maybe meet some wild bears :)

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RE: TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

IMHO camps should be covered by sponsoring and/or entry fees.

RE: TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Added by Daniel Homorodean over 7 years ago

After submiting the proposal, Ben raised this issue also, so I am aware that I have used the wrong word in the event description.
We aim for a more formal, fixed agenda 2+1 days event, thus the term Conference is more appropriate.

RE: TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

First of all - I love to see a TYPO3CMSCamp in Romania! Great!
But - as TYPO3CMScamps are no official events of the TYPO3 Association I think that these Camps should be financed by a (small) entry fee and sponsors. It worked for all the german and internal Camps so far, so it will for Romania too.
If - as you write - this is more a conference - then I personally need a concept to agree.

RE: TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Hi Daniel,

please contact the event committee for support.
I think no budget is needed, since you plan an conference and people could pay for it and you can find some sponsors.
The Budget is not so high that it should be a problem.

I like the idea of an eastern euopean conference, but instead of cost we should try to have earnings.

Greetings Volker

RE: TYPO3 Camp Carpathians - Added by Tobias Liebig over 7 years ago

I miss the expected income in the calculation, too.

However. Whether it is a "Camp" or a "Conference" I would expect all costs to be covered by the fees and/or sponsors.

As Volker said it should not too hard to archive.

Maybe there should have been a general budget to support local event like this one or the one suggested in http://forge.typo3.org/boards/15/topics/49
This might also be a task/a part of the event committee then.

@Daniel: I guess the event committee and/or our community manager (Ben) will gladly help you to organize such event and to find sponsors.