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General Communication Budget - Søren Schaffstein

The budget is intended to improve communication of the TYPO3 project in general. This budget is explicitly not a Marketing budget, but merely a communications/PR budget.
It's split into two parts. The first part specifies measures already whereas the second part is meant as a buffer to allow for various improvements in the overall communication of the TYPO3 project.

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RE: Communication - Added by Oliver Wand over 7 years ago

Why does this budget application include hiring of a PR agency "to help handle press releases professionally" when within already the hiring of an external agency is requested?

IMHO one PR agency should be suitable enough to do the job? IMHO press releases are marketing related...

RE: Communication - Added by Jan-Hendrik Heuing over 7 years ago

@Oliver: Please consider, that budget applications are sent in independently. So if it turnes out, that there is demand for a pr agency by more than one budget, we'll certainly try to combine those. So your feedback is very welcome.

This is just to remind you, they might have not know from each other to refer to the other application. It's the first time that those are public.

Keep going!! :-)

RE: Communication - Added by Jo Hasenau over 7 years ago

Well - it might be they didn't know from each other, but that's exactly the point, since both are applying for budgets to do PR work in the name of the TYPO3 association.
After all both are not just different teams and leaders of completely separate extensions, but people that are already doing offical work for the T3A that should at least know of each other.

So except from the fact that this one is much more detailed than the other, I would like to know what is the difference between the one PR budget of the 3 Marketing-Budgets and this one, and why they are not combined.

RE: Communication - Added by Oliver Wand over 7 years ago

@Jan-Hendrik: Ah ok, thanks for pointing this out :-)

RE: Communication - Added by Olivier Dobberkau over 7 years ago

Just wanted to make clear that there is a difference between:

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Communications

if i understand the marketing guys. Now go figure the fine difference :-)

I asked Søren to send in this budget application as we need a minimal communicative actionplan to happen.

Olivier (Member of the Expert Advisory Board)

RE: Communication - Added by Peter Proell over 7 years ago

Additionally you find two different approaches. One is all PR (that might include communications) and the other one is to foster just communications. You might find such obviously redundand applications several times. Take it as a feature, not a bug: You can give your vote in the priority poll to one or the other ;-). Peter

RE: Communication - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

Ok, so we planned to send out 4 press releases with support. Are they already fixed? Is there an communication plan? I think the budget should be combined with the others about these topics.