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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

Extension Builder - Nico de Haen, Rens Admiraal

The existing ExtensionBuilder needed a new frontend to include more options and features. We found a good and flexible frontend based on the FormBuilder (of S. Kurfürst and B.Waidelich) and extended it. Since the FormBuilder is a FLOW3 Package and since the ExtensionBuilder should build a bridge between TYPO3 and FLOW3/PHOENIX we transformed the ExtensionBuilder into a more generic PackageBuilder which can generate TYPO3 Extensions and FLOW3/PHOENIX Packages from the same interface. The PackageBuilder will also be usable as TYPO3 Extension of course.

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RE: Extension Builder - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

That is a really good one.

I'd like to see more support for TYPO3 CMS features, including workspaces, language and TCA definitions.

RE: Extension Builder - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

To be honest - I am surprised by the low total sum. The Extension Builder ist one of the most important tools we have to work with in the next time - cause it's the fundament of the code we will produce and it's the heart of transporting DDD into the code. Although possible without any tool - the EB helps a lot. So go go go and pimp it :-)

RE: Extension Builder - Added by Nico de Haen over 7 years ago

Well the low sum is a result of the experience I made this year: having a budget is only one part. The other part is, having enough developers willing and qualified to support the project (even if they are getting paid). Since I'm almost the only contributor and work as a freelancer I cannot afford working for 6 weeks or more only for the extension builder. It's not even sure, if I will spend the budget of this year due to lack of time and people - but I'm still optimistic!!

So what we need (besides the budget) are developers willing to contribute!

RE: Extension Builder - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

I like the idea with the codesprint and someone who is responsible for finishing the stuff