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Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

Marketing Genral - Kian T. Gould

Investments in Marketing of TYPO3, including:
  • tendance & fostering of
  • exhibition enabling costs (OSCON & CeBIT, FOSDEM)
  • give aways for exhibitions and fostering of national and regional events
  • marketing workshop hosted by „Age of Peers“ to set up a solid strategy for the next years
  • localized microsites for to foster local and national marketing (setting up the technical structure and cooperation with national committees)
  • enabling costs for marketing team meetings

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RE: Marketing - General - Added by Oliver Wand over 7 years ago

Is it possible that there's an error in the sheet? It says 500,00 EUR total costs but according to the sheet it should be higher?

RE: Marketing - General - Added by Philipp Gampe over 7 years ago

I guess it should be 46.290,00 € ?!

Anyway why are traveling costs for CeBIT so expensive?

Why is "Age of Peers" the chosen partner?

RE: Marketing - General - Added by Patrick Lobacher over 7 years ago

Why are there no booth costs at CeBIT?
Is the workshop with "Age of Peers" open to some people (besides from Marketing team, Assoc members and Ben) from the community or does it take place behind closed doors? Will the raw results published? Is there a transcript planned?

RE: Marketing - General - Added by Jochen Weiland over 7 years ago

As for the CeBit I would prefer that the marketing team organizes a dedicated TYPO3 booth that can be shared/subleased by TYPO3 agencies (rather than teaming up with one specific company).
What happened to the leads/contact reports that were generated at the Cebit and CMSexpo 2012?
What kind and quantity of giveaways/swag is planned?

RE: Marketing - General - Added by Volker Graubaum over 7 years ago

For my understanding. We have an 8!!! People marketing Team which nobody knows and where nothings happend?

I think bevore we spend money, we should talk about WHO is the team and what are they doing.
Otherwise I think we need a lot of marketing, so I've no problem with the budget.