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TER Development - Fabien Udriot

The TER budget of 2012 was split in three parts but only one of them has been used in 2012. This application form is about asking the shift of the two un-used parts in 2012 to 2013 since improvement will be needed in the area with the upcoming version of FLOW3 1.2 and its support of third-party packages.

Notice also that it is very likely that I won't have the availability to lead the project myself (at least in the first semester of 2013) and that a leader replacement will be needed for 2013. However, I am making this application in order other people could benefit from a financial support in the task of keeping the TER forward.

The two parts of the budget to hand over are as follows.

1. Implement the Package Repository with replication in mind. As information, Thomas Maroshick has already a prototype on which he has been working in 2012.
2. Creation of a User Interface dealing with F3 packages. In a brainstorming phase, it should be defined what interaction there will be with the existing TER frontend on typo3.org.

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How does this relate to the composer support?