Extbase Blog Example Extension

Added by Maik Hagenbruch over 7 years ago

Extbase Blog Example Extension - Anja Leichsenring

We plan to update the extension with latest techniques and build it up to a relialable source of knowledge for people beginning to learn the extbase way.
Additionally the documentation around the extension will be updated and widened. For this we want to buy a design for frontend and find support by writing documentation.
To ensure we get the result possible we need a small travel budget, too.

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RE: Extbase Blog Example Extension - Added by Steffen Ritter over 7 years ago

I only can understand the travel budget which I would say it should be granted.
Anyhow I'm not sure if the blog_example is really needed... more and more core-modules are there as examples.
A fully featured blog it won't become anyhow.

In addition Sven Wolfermann showed, that even new Introduction Package Designs are possible, without paying someone for that.

RE: Extbase Blog Example Extension - Added by David Bruchmann about 6 years ago


Extbase is already long time existing, it always changed something and extensions - even if available as extbase-version - never work on the wrong TYPO3 / extbase version.
The challenge to write an extbase-extension is quite high and mastered by many developers, but I don't know an extension that is really running on all versions of TYPO3 / extbase.
Documentation about changes in TYPO3 is not available in a central table where you just can look up how to make it smarter as developer and most developers write an extension for max. 2-5 versions and then the often adjustments for upcoming TYPO3 versions is forgotten or just not covered by any budget.
The challenge to make an installation with blog, news, galleries, feeds, community-extensions and maybe 2-3 individual extensions for customer-needs and all this on base of extbase-extensions: please show me that installation with price.
It's very expensive and hard to maintain.

That's the reason that even agencies that are involved in development or documentation of extbase itself, still install systems on base of TYPO3 version 4 for customers.

All in all: if nothing is changing concerning documentation and usability for developers and integrators, TYPO3 is getting fat as a truck and you just have to use something else to realize smaller contracts.

In WordPress it's very common that extensions and templates are payed and as developer I wish that customers understand those needs. Larger companies with much experience surly develop even only for their own needs without making anything public - they know the value and the needs of working people. Honestly, I think the idea of open-source is often misunderstood: Software is free and the budget therefore is limited to a (very low) low sum.

I don't understand that you interfere concerning payments you never have to do personally. Sure many things can be done for free, but if someone is finding a budget for a good (or even bad) target, why you care and use your name for demotivation or even destruction?

RE: Extbase Blog Example Extension - Added by Vitoandre D'Oria about 6 years ago

Word! I absolutely agree with David.

The only non-outdated documentation is often the source code self.

Another example FAL [1]

Important stuff like "Using FAL", "FAL API" are marked as ToDo, asd or empty.

The only FAL doc exists in the wiki [2] and the source-code itself. However even that isn't clearly at all places or misses some parts. The later also isn't well documented imho. Would be nice if you could at least find some phpdoc code tag samples in source. That way i wouldn't mind to use Source as DOC.

The same applies to extbase (note: most experience with 1.3)

  • I had to make a AJAX extbase app that create/update multiple models parent>child#>grandchild#. I would love to use the property mapper for mapping. However i am aware about the FLOW backport and that the 1.3 property mapper has been marked as deprecated. There are no examples on using the new one? Is it even possible to manually call it? The Changelog is quite vague about that and i didn't find elsewhere informations on that.
  • How about REST? routes? I found a few words about it but if a documentation exists its well hidden :/

[1] http://docs.typo3.org/TYPO3/FileAbstractionLayerReference/
[2] http://wiki.typo3.org/File_Abstraction_Layer is also not complete.