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TYPO3 CMS - Ernesto Baschny

Ongoing development, maintenance and new release of TYPO3 CMS (beyond 6.2 LTS).
The goal is to kick start some brand new enhancements (UX-wise, API-wise and Code-wise) which will then aim for a "TYPO3 CMS 7.0" during 2014 (planned).

UPDATE 2013-10-30: The budget application for Extbase has been merged into this application. This adds the following costs:

  • Codesprints: 9.800,- €
  • Acknowledgements: 500,- €

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RE: TYPO3 CMS - Added by Philipp Gampe about 6 years ago

It is interesting to see that the item cost (e.g. hotel) are different to the Neos application. I suggest that those item costs are standardized across all budgets unless a good reason is given.

RE: TYPO3 CMS - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 6 years ago

Well it's great to see that the CMS-team selected cheaper hotels, or has the possibility to find cheaper ones. However, there is a standard already in place which can be found in the Travel Reimbursement document. Both teams could use that, but they choose for a lower priced hotel than can be reimbursed.

RE: TYPO3 CMS - Added by Ernesto Baschny about 6 years ago

In fact we don't let our fellow developers stay in "cheaper hotels", that would be a shame for the nice work they do and the time they spend volunteerly working on the product. In the last sprint (Hannover) we even let everybody in individual single rooms. I think that's the least we can do and I doubt that association members will have a bad feeling about that!

Fact is that the amount is currently enough because:

1) we don't get to involve as many people as we wish, because the team is limited and we always have the "same guys" coming to the events. We want to improve on that in future

2) we have several participants which are sponsored by their agency so we never see them bill anything at all.

So the current hotel costs are a good "average" of what we spend. If we ought to touch that and set a standard, it for sure has to be HIGHER than the current amount from the CMS team (where do you find an good hotel for €45 a night in bigger cities for example?).

Bottom line is: Of course we don't need 5-star hotels, but a minimum standard of commodity is the least we can do for the guys and girls coming for such events! We have stayed in cheap "Jugendherrbergen" in the past to minimize costs, but this is sparing on the wrong side in my opinion.