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T3UXW14 - Jens Hofmann

The T3UXW14 is a follow up, of the very successful T3UXW09. Look at http://t3uxw09.typo3.org for the details of the previous event. It was and will be a sprint “event” - focused on usability and user experience.
This time we will organize it in Essen (Unperfekthaus) in February and we will have a different Team-Structure to reflect some of the good learning of the past T3UXW09.

We will have 6 development Team (á 5 persons) and one creative Team (á 4 persons) and one event leader. In total we will support 35 (6*5 + 1*4 +1) participance. Every Team will have a Team-Leader (Project Manager) who will be responsible for the quantity and Team-Consultant (Creative Director/Technical Director) who will be responsible for quality the Team promised/committed to deliver. The Team-Leader will also has to report the results while the sprint to all other teams and to the TYPO3 community after the event. At the T3UXW09 we have proven, that we are able to finish smaller “projects” and kickstart bigger “projects” which will lead to long time improvements like the new Pagetree, Grid-Modul or the Skin.

The participance could hand in an application and will than be selected by a jury. That worked well for the T3UXW09 and lead to some new skilled and active community members till today.

This budget application is supposed to be a fallback, if we fail to collect enough money through fixed donations for this event. Those donations worked very well for the T3UXW09, but we can't be sure this will work as good for this event again, too.

If we don't use the budget from this application, we will use
it, to finish the kickstarted project from the T3UXW14.